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What Our Clients Say

Since 2008, Premiere Political has grown to have its clients include Gubernatorial, Senate, Congressional, State Legislative and Local candidates from more than 40 states. We have worked with state party caucuses, political consultants, labor unions, environmental groups, LGBT organizations and others to help bring about progressive change in government. We also work with social service agencies to help them connect with their members and clients. Below is a small sampling of what our clients are saying about our work:   


“TRIAD has worked with Ron Schneider and Premiere Political through many election cycles for GOTV, voter list and polling services. We appreciate the rapid response and political expertise on behalf of our clients.

   - Audrey Houseman – TRIAD Advertising and Marketing – Ohio

“Working with Premiere Political is easy. They respond instantly to my e-mails and provide services quickly and accurately every time.”

   - Kiya Stokes – Liaison Richmond City Council District 3 – Richmond, VA

“I’ve used Premiere Political for about a decade with dozens of races and they’ve been nothing short of amazing and responsive.”

   - Bailey Stober – Campaign Consultant – Texas


“I’ve worked with Premiere Political in multiple election cycles. They’re speed and accuracy have delivered for our clients over and over again.”

   - Brendan Klein – North Shore Strategies – New York

“Met Council uses Premiere Political weekly to alert our clients of upcoming food deliveries. They have been very helpful and easy to work with.”

   - Jessica Chait – Met Council – New York

“Premiere Political is our longest standing vendor. We have worked with them for more than a decade and I highly recommend using their services.”

   - Nic Van Putten – Progressive Strategies NW – Washington

“Premiere Political has provided us with texting services that have really helped our clients. Their customer support made it easy to get started and was indispensable in getting the job done.”
   - Matt Hersh – Campaign Consultant – Texas

“We have used Premiere Political for many years. They have always been easy to work with and responded quickly to our needs.”
   - Trey Ourso – Ourso Beychok – Louisiana

“My firm has used Premiere Political for both local and Congressional races in multiple states. They are willing to work with any sized campaign and they move quickly and efficiently to get our jobs done.”
   - Andre Richardson – Campaign Consultant – New York

“Premiere Political works like a charm. I highly recommend using their services to help your campaigns get out the vote.”

   - Chauncy E. Haynes – Haynes & Associates – Florida

"I always use Premiere Political for my texting and calling programs. They have helped my candidates win time and time again."

   - Tarin Nix – New Mexico

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