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Political Texts

Texting has been shown to be an effective and efficient way for candidates to reach out to potential voters with personal, direct messages. It is particularly useful when trying to engage with younger voters who are more likely to respond to text than other methods of communication.

Our Political Texts Feature:

  • An open rate of 95% - Average Response Rate over 10%

  • JPEG attachment size of up to 900KB

  • No character limit MMS messaging

  • Peer-to-peer texting, and not auto - or mass-texting, no disclaimer is needed.

  • An Opt-Out for keywords "opt-out", "unsubscribe" and "stop”.

  • Local Area Codes

  • Free List Cleaning

Our Texts Are Perfect For:

  • Astro turf campaigns - Advocacy

  • Voter engagement

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • Event attendance

  • Fundraising

We work primarily with political consultants, non-profits, schools, state & local campaigns and membership organizations.

Premiere Political can help your campaign reach its goals with political texting. Our political texts are easy to order and we provide customer service that is second to none. Do you want to see red, white, and blue confetti shower over you as you announce victory to an ecstatic crowd? Then let Premiere Political send political texts for you now!

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